Bek Wa Goro’s PhD research proposes a new framework, termed ‘Production Architecture’, to address the conceptual development phase of Hyper Immersive Experiences.

Recent technological opportunities have significantly influenced the evolution of narrative artforms, facilitating the creation and dissemination of immersive storytelling experiences. This phenomenon is giving rise to what may be termed ‘Hyper Immersive Experiences’ or HIEs, a medium of artistic expression that synergises elements from artforms such as art, film, theatre, and gaming, in addition to real-world interactions. HIEs enable audiences to engage with narratives in unprecedented ways, utilising Spatial Computing, Extended Reality, and other related technologies to merge physical and virtual environments, thereby allowing individuals to navigate and influence a narrative journey based on their choices and preferences. This level of interactivity can result in varied narrative experiences among audience members with no two narrative experiences being identical, highlighting the potential for personalised yet simultaneously collective engagement.

The complexity of designing HIEs is underscored by the challenge of conceptually conveying non-linear, immersive narratives to stakeholders at various stages in the production cycle. Traditional methods such as screenplays, storyboards, and pre-visualisations often fall short in adequately capturing the spatial and interactive dimensions of these experiences. The lack of an industry-standard for the expression of immersive storytelling concepts further complicates this issue.

Addressing these challenges, the practice-led PhD research, ‘Entering the Frame – Expressing Concepts for Hyper Immersive Experiences’, aims to refine and evolve the processes and practices used in film, theatre, gaming, and architecture to establish a comprehensive methodology for the conceptualisation and development of HIEs. The study seeks to introduce a new framework, or approach to ‘Production Architecture’, encompassing novel terminologies, scriptwriting formats, and procedural guidelines tailored to immersive storytelling. The primary goal of this research is to offer recommendations that could be adopted by industry to enhance the success and artistic expression of HIEs. By integrating insights from Spatial Computing, Extended Reality, and related technologies, this research endeavours to redefine concept expression within this emerging medium, contributing to the broader knowledge base of HIEs and proposing a holistic approach to narrative development in this medium.

Bek Wa Goro ia a PhD Scholar in Architectural Space and Computation at University College London's Renown Bartlett School of Architecture
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