Hey, I’m Bek

Hey, I’m Bek


Writer + Filmmaker + Experience Creator


A place where divergent creativities converge and collide, where art and business are fused, a place for pondering the awesomeness of others.


African short film library.

Great things made by other people.

A bimonthly magazine discussing the intersection between film and business.

Opportunities for writers of stage and screen.

Cross-Platform Multitasker

I have been described as the Swiss the Army knife of business creatives. Essentially, I create content optimised for screens and spaces, working across the spectrum of video production, scriptwriting, playwriting, writing copy, and design. I’m a prizewinning writer and filmmaker and have achieved critical acclaim for my playwriting work in theatre. The best way to understand what I do is to think of me as betwixt and between a freelancer and a creative agency, absorbing the best of both worlds. I am like an agency in the sense that I can work across an array of platforms and media types and I am like a freelancer in the sense that I provide a personable, single point of contact for clients. I fuse cutting edge business practices with aesthetic style and I think of every piece of work I create as art, informed and driven by the needs of business. Let us think of this as me reaching out to you across miles and miles of optic fibre and satellite signals to say – hello.

More than 10 years writing experience across a plethora of media formats.

Purveyor of the Moving Image

There is so much of life that is performance. We are constantly looking for new ways in which to express ourselves, to tell our stories, whether imagined or real and communicate them with others. In my personal and professional experience this has manifested as a desire to write, create narratives, and to construct worlds which reflect our own. I am fascinated by the idea that as humans, we are capable of creating somethingness out of seeming nothingness.