27 - 30 / June 2024

Afrolution Festival live from Berlin, Germany

Bek Wa Goro is a Writer, Music Artist and Technologist based in London. His musical journey is a story of transformation. His path began with self-taught electronic music production, fuelled by a relentless creative spirit while pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Film/Television and an MBA. It lead to being given the position of Associate Artist at Brixton House in recognition of his artistry (2021-2024). This has allowed him to showcase his distinctive voice alongside his production talent.
In late 2023, Bek Wa Goro debuted with a live performance after being invited to perform at ArtsDepot in North London, followed by his first concert in Kentish Town in March 2024. These performances marked another evolution as he began collaborating with musicians, infusing his electronic artistry with live instrumentation.
As Bek Wa Goro works to complete his PhD in Architectural Space and Computation at the renown Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, his debut album is slated for release in 2024. This album exemplifies his metamorphosis, offering a soulful blend of electronic innovation and heartfelt songwriting.




Time Location City
Afrolution Festival Performance
To be announced
The Library
Brixton House Performance
To be announced
Brixton House

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