"I think of writing and creativity as a kind of vehicle that can allow us to traverse time and space faster than the speed of light, that can allow us to go back in time, to experience the present in all of its vibrancy, and to go beyond the future. I feel that they are a physical artefact of the imagination, guided by a writer and consumed either directly as words on a page, or indirectly through media. They are not simply an exchange of cultural expression but that they are an expression of culture itself."


Based in London, UK


I have, over time, gained a wealth of artistic experience and knowledge which I bring to innovative work on page, on screen, on the web, and through immersive experiences. As a professionally trained Screenwriter, I have gained a strong comprehension of the processes involved in creative development and production, with over fifteen years professional experience in Entertainment and the Arts. In addition to my passion for creativity and innovation, I have an academic interest in immersive technologies including Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, and Extended Reality, their interaction with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and how these technologies are reshaping our experiences of films.

I am currently studying a PhD in Architectural Space and Computation at the renown Bartlett School of Architecture at University College London which I am due to complete in 2027.


Bek Wa Goro is a multi-talented writer, musician, and actor based in London who seamlessly weaves together business, technology, and the arts. With an MBA from the prestigious University of the Arts London and Birkbeck, Bek pursued his creative passions while gaining critical business skills. More recently, Bek wrote, recorded and performed a collection of original songs, bringing them to life in a video concert. This project allowed Bek to deeply explore his artistry and create a body of work that gave him the confidence to pursue music professionally.

Bek is an Associate Artist of Brixton House theatre and was commissioned by the African Cultural Institute in Oslo to create "The Black Cultural Series." He has delivered powerful acting performances on stages across Britain, including the renowned Soho Theatre, Hackney Empire, Young Vic Theatre and The Lowry in Manchester.

Beyond performance and music, Bek is also an accomplished screenwriter. He is currently developing an advanced online screenwriting programme to empower diverse storytellers and provide an educational platform in the art of cinematic writing.

Driven by a passion for inclusive storytelling and a mission to inspire others, Bek Wa Goro is a creative force who seamlessly fuses together business savvy, technological know-how and artistic vision. Whether through music, acting or the written word, he brings fresh perspectives to life in vivid colour.