Bek Wa Goro, a London-based Writer, Music Artist, and Technologist, merges electronic music with live instrumentation



Bek Wa Goro is a Writer, Music Artist, and Technologist based in London. Bek Wa Goro's musical journey is a story of transformation. Since the early 2010s, Bek has experimented with various artistic ventures, with music lying at the core of his explorations. His academic pursuits have not hindered his creative experiments, rather, they have provided a rich backdrop for his artistic evolution. With a Bachelor's degree in Film and Television and an MBA, Bek initially engaged with electronic music production as a self-taught hobby. However, this sideline passion soon became the centrepiece of his artistic identity.

The global pandemic, while a period of uncertainty and challenge for many, offered Bek an unexpected opportunity to hone his craft. With the world pausing, he found the time and space to deeply immerse himself in musical experimentation. This period of intense focus and development caught the attention of Brixton House. In July 2021, Bek's innovative work led to his recognition and subsequent role as an Associate Artist of Brixton House, marking a significant milestone in his career. This new platform enabled him to broaden his musical horizons, transitioning from solely a music producer to a singer/songwriter with a distinctive voice and vision.

By the end of 2023, Bek Wa Goro had taken another major step in his career by performing his first live gig after being invited to perform at ArtsDepot in North London. This initial foray into live performance was swiftly followed by his first small concert in March 2024 in Kentish Town. Notably, these performances were the first instances of Bek working closely with collaborators. These collaborations added new dimensions to his music, blending his soulful electronic roots with live instrumental elements to create a richer, more nuanced sound.

As Bek Wa Goro works to complete his PhD in Architectural Space and Computation at the renown Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, his debut album is anticipated for release in 2024. The album promises to encapsulate his journey from a self-taught hobbyist to a multifaceted contemporary music artist. With his new album, Bek aims to offer listeners a glimpse into his rich artistic vision, characterised by a blend of soulful electronic innovation, storytelling, and collaborative synergy. Bek Wa Goro's artistic journey continues to unfold, promising to captivate and inspire audiences with his unique musical repertoire.