Campaign – Olympe
    × 08.10.2017


    Let us think of this as me reaching out to you across miles and miles of optic fibre and satellite signals to say hello. Hello! I’m Bek Wa Goro and I’m a British / South African based in London. I have a tendency to wear many hats… both literally on my head and in what I do. I write screenplays, I’m a filmmaker, I cobble together content for web and print media and in the little spare time I have, I write music as a hobby. I’m currently studying an MBA through which I intend to fuse my creative and commercial output. I have worked professionally for large brands including the BBC and on

    projects at some of Britain’s leading theatres: The Bloomsbury Theatre, The Soho Theatre, The Hackney Empire, The Young Vic Theatre and The Lowry Theatre in Manchester. I have written several short form films and plays that ultimately led to being commissioned to write a full-length play which ran at Hoxton Hall for several weeks and received critical acclaim and I recently produced a speculative ad campaign for The Fawcett Society which was submitted to the Adcan Awards.

    Directing & Producing

    Recent work includes directing 'A Future Less Homeless', a speculative campaign film produced for Crisis, designed to raise awareness on the creeping state of homelessness. And commercial work includes working on projects with Perkbox.