A short film in development.

An incensed actor, engaged in a bitter rivalry with his acting partner and stifled
at every turn by an experimental film director, sets out to hijack the art
film in which he has been cast.

About Disrepute



There is so much of life that is a performance. We are constantly looking for new ways in which to express ourselves. Ways in which to externalise our internal hopes, wants and desires and communicate them with the outside world. However there is often a separation between how we would like to be perceived and how we are portrayed. Often times we cannot control how we are portrayed no matter how hard we try.

When I started writing Disrepute it came from a very personal place. I wanted to explore those unspoken, deep rooted anxieties that I and many others hold in pursuit of art.

This film is about the artistic process, about authorship and ultimately about power. It raises the question, who is really in control of the way we express ourselves? Our lives are now so dependent on and impacted by social media and the virtual communities we have built around ourselves the growing need for control in the way we are portrayed has trickled into our daily routine but that control is out of reach for the many not the few.

Artistic tension that cuts to the bone.

Artistic tension that cuts to the bone.

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