Fascinating Unfascinating Fact

    I met Tony Blair on Valentine’s Day in 1997 without realising it. Long story short, when I was in primary school I was a member of the Islington Music Centre. I was part of a group invited to a ceremony at which a time-capsule was to be buried under the central stalls at Sadler’s Wells theatre during its renovation. My friend and I, then 9, were standing around at this ceremony with little understanding of what was actually going on (we were very much in our own world at the time) and a gentleman who bore a striking resemblance to Tony Blair came up to us and started chatting with us. We didn’t think anything of it. Fast forward five minutes and a reporter from BBC Radio 5 Live approached us with a microphone and asked us what we thought about meeting the prime minister. We didn’t quite understand what they meant and asked them to clarify. ‘The gentleman you were speaking to a moment ago was Tony Blair’, they said. Our response – ‘Wasn’t he just a lookalike? We thought he was a lookalike’. ‘No, that was Tony Blair’. So that happened.

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