This is Bek Wa Goro Dot Com

    This is Bek Wa Goro Dot Com. I must preface what you are about to read in this journal with a warning. There is no real structure to it. It is an incoherent stream of consciousness. I thought I could either reel off a list of all the marvellous and fantastically fantastical things I’ve ever done, (that’s what I’m supposed to do isn’t it? Or at least that’s what I think I’m meant to do – a probable side effect of cultural conditioning), or I could attempt to demonstrate how my mind works. I thought the latter would be a more interesting exercise and might be the lesser of two evils. This is not me in my best light. This is probably not even the me you might meet on the street. This is me me… kind of. So read on in the full comfort that you are actually getting to know me without us ever having probably have met.

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    24th July 2018